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We at International Flow® have been serving the Americas, and the World, for 40+ years, providing pipeline solutions, including: emergency responses for turn-key pipe bypassing, hot tapping, line stopping, wet tapping of butterfly valves, and valve installation services.

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International #: 951-926-4849
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  • Hottap, Linestop & BypassWe can bypass almost any type of pipe carrying all fluids. Get your free quote today.
  • Pipe Freezing Need a freeze plug on your pipeline system? Get a free quote here.
  • Wall TappingNeed a Wall, Tank, Concrete Vessel, or Cylinder Tapping Service Quote? Get one here.
  • Insert ValveNeed a Insert Valve installed on a 4-12inch pipeline system? Get your free quote here.

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IFT's Nationwide Services

Here is a short list of the services we provide,for a more detailed list please see www.hottap.com * Wet or Pressure Taps: 1/2"-60" OD Pipeline * Line Plugging: 1/2"-72" OD Pipeline * Freeze Plugging: 1/2" to 36" OD Pipeline * Insert Valves: 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" OD Pipeline * Valve Replacements: All Sizes * Emergency responses for turn-key bypassing of pipelines, up to 48". We have the experience to get the job done right the 1st time. Call us today,

  • Free Quotes: 1-800-221-3332
  • Wasilla, AK
  • Dover, DE
  • Mustang, OK
  • Nashville, TN
  • Mustang, OK
  • International #: 951-926-4849
  • Fax: 951-926-2334
  • Working hard on the job

    IFT can bypass a section of pipe, without interrupting its flow. IFT provides the most advanced line stopping and bypassing service available today! Sizes from 1/2" - 48" on any type of pipeline. The above pictures are a couple of examples of some bypasses our company has completed successfully.

    Other Services


    Hot Tapping Pipeline
    Fast and dependable hot tap services on pressurized pipes up to 60 inches. Call for details...


    Line Stopping Pipeline
    Cant afford to have a system shutdown? DONT! Use our Linestop services and bypass that pipe LIVE...


    Pipe Freeze Plugs
    Pipe freezing experts on call 24 hours a day. If you can stop the flow we can freeze that pipe nationwide, fast...


    Insert Valve Install
    We are the inventors of the Insert Valve and are experts at installing them coast to coast...


    Wall Tapping
    We have successfully completed many big wall, tank, and vessel taps in our 40+ years serving America...